Hypnosis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can change your life.

Combining Cognitive behavior techniques with hypnosis produces greater improvement than using hypnosis alone.

Hypnotherapy and CBT is a common sense, practical approach to problem solving.  It is estimated that most people run on autopilot, programmed thoughts and habits up to 75% of their everyday experiences.  Addressing the programming paves the way for positive change.

The sessions are based on collaborative teamwork and individualized sessions taking steps toward positive results you want.

Hypnotherapy and CBT

You can develop life skills that strengthen resilience and effective coping strategies to effectively manage challenges.

When life is in balance, stress and anxiety are reduced, and you become more relaxed, calm and confident.

The same effort is required to manage stress and turmoil as it does to learn new skills to create positive results. Where we choose to place our attention makes all the difference!

I have accumulated a long list of life experiences including strength, resilience and qualifications to help you with your challenges in your life.
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Margo Staniforth
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