Hypnotherapy with CBT is a collaboration between coach and client

While hypnosis is safe and effective for many people with many common problems, combining it with Cognitive Behavior techniques, adds power! This is supported with much research and science, that two methods combined are better than one.

HypnoCBT is all about you, the client. Unlike other methods of hypnosis, HypnoCBT is a collaboration between coach and client.
HypnoCBT has a huge toolkit that is adaptable to so many circumstances. And empowering for clients through skills training.

The range of applications cover performance improvement in sports, exams, public speaking or motivation to tackle a big project or to get that workout done!
Science has proven that these sessions are effective for anxiety such as fears and phobias. Fear of flying. Fear of heights. Fear of animals. Effective for social anxiety to improve relations with yourself and others, reduce feelings of self consciousness, low esteem, nervousness, improve communication and interaction.

Stress management

Manage stress and feel better, sleep better. Stress management is proven to improve overall health, emotional balance and wellbeing. Learn helpful coping skills to overcome overwhelm at home or at work, improve confidence and move forward with positive attitude.

If you have struggled with bad habits such as nail biting, have a desire to reduce the number of drinks per week, kick the smoking habit, or stop unhealthy eating choices, HypnoCBT can help identify the thoughts and behaviors to finally equip you with what you need to get the progress you want.

The difference between the words illness and wellness is I and We. Collaboration is a team effort and We want to see you succeed.

CBT Hypnotherapy